Danger Angel reveal new singer, BJ!


After all this time of waiting and wondering, here you go!!! This is the new Danger Angel singer and his name is BJ! Some of you surely know him, some of you know of him, what we know is that BJ is an amazing singer!!!!!

BJ is the new singer of DANGER ANGEL but his career includes so much more. He is the singer for the Brazilian hard rock band Tempestt with whom he has recorded an album and has toured extensively, he is a constant member for the Jeff Scott Soto band, acting as guitarist, keyboardist and back vocalist and also a member of the new Jeff Scott Soto project, SOTO. He is an active member of the Brazilian musical scene, touring and performing with several projects while he is also a vocal teacher and he is hosting vocal, guitar and bass workshops all over Brazil.

BJ started his musical career at the age of 17 singing for local bands like Henceforth and Skyscraper. He recorded his first album with the band The Pills at 18 and had his debut appearance on Brazilian MTV. In 2008, he released “Bring ‘Em On with Tempestt followed by a world tour. He recorded and released his first solo album “Acoustic Heroes” in 2013, as a tribute to his influences. In 2014 he performed in the Sweden Rock Festival as a member of the Talisman band (reunion), playing the keyboards and singing backing vocals. He has been highlighted by media such as glorydazemusic.com and melodicrock.com as “The great promise of Hard Rock”.

He draws influence from artists like Glenn Hughes, Steve Perry, David Coverdale, Kip Winger, Jeff Scott Soto, Jimi Jamison, Jon Bon Jovi, Steve Lee, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, George Benson, Sting, Brian Adams among others.

He has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Jeff Scott Soto, Billy Sherwood, Jimi Jamison, Eric Martin, Marcel Jacob, Kip Winger, Joe Lynn Turner, Tim Ripper Owens, Billy Sheehan, Steve Morse.

Welcome to the team BJ!!!!