Danger Angel Special on VBNAV Radio

Don’t miss a Danger Angel Special show on VBNAV Radio (http://vbnav.hopto.org:90/enternew) Tuesday, July 2nd! A full flashback on Danger Angel’s origins and releases, including the new, highly acclaimed album “Revolutia”!

The band will be on Skype for the duration of the show answering questions by the show host Pete and whoever else would like to participate, so don’t miss this chance to get in touch with the band and ask your own questions. Log in to the station chat and be a part of this Danger Angel Special!

You can listen to the show and use the chat room on the link above, but you can also listen through your several devices, phones, tablets, laptops etc and through the several radio apps out there like TuneIn Radio for iOs and Android.

In case you want to get in the chat room, remember, you DO NOT have to register an account, just login as a guest!

Here are some more links to the show:


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