Silent Commitment to Join the Tour for Bulgaria and Thessaloniki!

silent commitment frozen clock facebook

Silent Commitment is the band to join the Damage Control European Tour for the shows in Burgas and Sofia (Bulgaria) and Thessaloniki (Greece) this April! We are excited to welcome them on board and we wanted to let you know!


Silent Commitment were formed in 2005 by Yannis Natskos (bass) and Ioannis Amanatides (guitars) in Aridaea, Pella, Macedonia. The line up is completed by important musicians of the region, Vasilis Topalidis (ex RedRum, Great Gig, Horizon’s End, Take Cover Band) on vocals, Nick Boubas (RedRum, Great Gig, Beta Testers) on keyboards, and Babis Katirtzoglou (Trio Confusion) on the drums.

What they play is exciting hard rock with metal and progressive elements. Silent Commitment are currently concluding the production of their debut CD.

Check them out HERE!

Welcome On Board guys!!!


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