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Take advantage of our great offer and get REVOLUTIA for FREE! As we make the last run towards the end of the offer, don’t miss on this opportunity to get a great album for FREE! This offer expires this Sunday, April 27th, so make haste!!!

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M.T. is no longer the singer for Danger Angel


It has been 4,5 beautiful years… We had fun times, we had rough times, we did a wonderful album together and we have been a real family. With its ups and downs like any normal family. But it is now time to take our separate ways.

From this day, M.T. is no longer the singer for Danger Angel. Both M.T. and the band decided that this is the best way to go in order to reach our mutual goals. Needless to say, M.T. is still and always be family and the band wishes him the best and we will surely meet again out there…


Tony Officially Endorses Mapex Drums

Tony is now an official endorser of Mapex Drums and products!

Tony signed Mapex Small

New Lyric Video for Decadence released!

Danger Angel released a new lyric video for Decadence! This comes as a sequel to the When I’m Gone and Not An Angel videos released in 2013 and it will be followed soon by a new video to be announced in the coming weeks.

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Danger Angel Live in Athens, DEC 01

HV13 POSTER 2Did you miss us? We sure missed you!
Let’s get together once more and kick the hell out of a Sunday night on December 1st, 2013 right where we left you @ KYTTARO Live Club / ΚΥΤΤΑΡΟ
The new High Voltage Fest 2013 edition is guaranteed to… rock your socks off with DANGER ANGEL‘s smashing show & Surprise guests on the helm and Crimson Fire with a new ear-blasting sound! With the new exciting generation of hard and heavy bands like Indiana and Divide by Zero opening the show, you have no freakin’ excuse!
More details to follow so stay tuned!

Ethan Officially Endorses Schecter Guitars!

Ethan Schechter 2

Flash-back Danger Angel interview!

We travel back in time as the boys get interviewed just a few days before the European Tour. Check it out!

Limited time Revolutia offer!!!

FAN BLAST!!!! LIMITED EXCLUSIVE SUMMERTIME OFFER!!!! Get your digital copy of “Revolutia” now through and pay less for the full album and the original artwork! Check it out NOW before it goes away!!!

Revolutia Cover


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